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MjIxMi0tLTg5MzEtLS0xMQ==The History Channel charts the progress of Global Warming over the last 100 years.

Today there is no escaping the facts: the vast majority of the world’s scientists agree that the temperature of the earth has been rising for at least a century.

_1109_0In this programme the quest is to identify the carcass of a huge sea creature hauled up off the New Zealand coast.

Are there really monsters left over from the age of the dinosaurs still lurking in our oceans?

Are the New Zealand Monster and the Loch Ness Monster cousins? And why have we demonised large sea creatures when most of them are gentle giants.

MjIxMi0tLTE0MTEtLS0yChariots were an essential element of Egyptian warfare and played a big part in Ramses’ campaigns. They were modelled on Assyrian carriages and built predominantly from crafted woods, decorated with rich metals, precious and semi-precious stones and glass inlaid in metal plates. It’s thought that Rameses’ chariot was made almost entirely of gold.

Chariots were made from an assortment of raw materials, so a variety of craftsmen were required to work on them, such as carpenters, tanners and goldsmiths.

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Usually, the front piece of the frame was built of fine wood lined with canvas and plaster. Wheels were made from elm wood, with four spokes in the older models and six in the later ones. The axle was of tamarind wood and long enough to allow close turns and good shock absorption.

To reduce vibration, leather or linen cushions were placed on the platform floor. Chariots were extremely expensive and Egyptian noblemen, who financed the chariots themselves, could spend the entire family estate in their purchase. However, the costs were easily met by the wealth gained from the spoils of war.

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_860Sought for millenia by knights and by Nazis, the Holy Grail represents the ultimate treasure to the one who possesses it.

Generally considered to be the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper, the grail could also be a stone, a book, or even the bloodline of Jesus himself.

What is it really? Investigate these and other mysteries with Legend Hunters.


MjIxMi0tLTMyMDQzNy0tLTIwAbout The Programme

During a two-year rampage, a sadistic serial killer broke into the homes of families throughout California. He raped, mutilated and tortured more than 25 victims in one of the most vicious sprees in US criminal history.

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When Richard Ramirez was arrested on 25th August 1985, a bizarre story involving Satanism and cult worship began to emerge, and the killer seemed to exercise an extraordinary hold over many people who attended his trial.

At the end of his trial in September 1989, Ramirez was convicted of 13 murders, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries.

Led from the court in chains, he made the sign of the devil’s horns with his hand, and told reporters: “Big deal. Death comes with the territory. I’ll see you in Disneyland”. Sentenced to die in the gas chamber, he is currently on Death Row in San Quentin.

But his story doesn’t end there. The Night Stalker received many fan letters from women. In 1985, a freelance editor who worked on teen magazines started writing to Ramirez, sending over 75 letters. In 1996, he proposed to her and they married in San Quentin prison’s waiting room.

A Freemasons’ secret code hidden in Tattoos. Invisible “tats.” Enter the shocking world of Ancient Ink.

Everyone knows that tattoos are more popular than ever. What they don’t know is who created the first tattoo – or who’s the most tattooed woman in the world or why monks in Thailand “sling ink” so their clients can have great sex.

The show’s host — himself a colorful display – heads out to remote countries to see how tattooing has changed over the centuries. He’ll even get a few “tats” along the way — going under the knife with Maori aborigines that practice “carving” skin the old way, with a homemade chisel. But will he be willing to go to the dark side of the tattoo world, to get “cut & scarred” in the underground vampire cult clubs of New York?

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From crude bamboo “needles” to homemade prison tattooing guns and finally, high-tech robot tattoos, what exactly has changed over the centuries and why? Did the ancients have to pay as much as modern day clients that get Japanese “Irezumi” — a full body tattoo that takes five years and costs over $30,000.

Ancient Ink covers it all – from a 5300-year-old tattooed mummy to the latest and very profitable trend – people selling their flesh for advertising to the highest bidder on ebay – “starting bid $55,000”.

About The Programme

The last eighty years of the Russian Empire were full of tension between forces of reform and autocratic rule. While Western Europe experienced the Industrial Revolution and nationalist, republican and socialist movements, Russia stayed fixed in the past.

From Nicholas I, who squashed a rebellion on his first day as Tsar, to his great-grandson, Nicholas II, whose insulation from reality eventually killed his family, the Tsars struggled between accepting modern ideas and maintaining their absolute power. Despite some radical reforms, the monarchy’s resistance to change would ultimately cost them the throne.

158---Image_largeThe long-awaited Anglo-American invasion of Nazi Europe begins just after midnight, as the first wave of U.S., British and Canadian paratroopers plunge into the darkness over Normandy, France. It was the largest combined sea, air and land military operation in history. At daybreak, a heavy bombardment of the French coast ended as 135,000 Allied troops stormed ashore at five landing sites.

Despite the formidable German coastal defences, beachheads were achieved at all five locations. At Omaha Beach, German resistance was especially fierce, and the position was only secured after hours of bloody fighting by the Americans assigned to it. By the evening, 150,000 troops were ashore, and the Allies held roughly 80 square miles.

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_1616This dramatic documentary provides an engine-roaring insight into the sky bound travails of the Battle of Britain memorial flight. We look at the men, the Merlins and the machines that comprise this prestigious team.

In the immediate post-war era, it became traditional for a Spitfire and a Hurricane to lead the Victory Day flypast over the city of London. From this annual aviation commemoration, the idea of forming a collection of flyable aircraft arose. Initially intended to remember the Royal Air Force’s major battle honour, the Battle of Britain, it later broadened its scope to commemorate all of the major aviation campaigns of the Second World War.

In 1957, our fearless flyers first joined forces, and the Historic Aircraft Flight was born at Biggin Hill. The aircrew on the flight is comprised entirely of volunteers, all of whom perform their primary duties on such front-line types as Typhoon, Jaguar and Boeing E3D AWACs or on training aircraft such as the Super King Air.